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Amy Klobuchar is an abusive boss and that is not OK.

She was known to throw office objects in frustration, including binders and phones, in the direction of aides, they said.

This is assault.

Among other concerns, her office’s paid parental leave policy has been described as unusual on Capitol Hill. Two people familiar with the policy said that those who took paid leave were effectively required, once they returned, to remain with the office for three times as many weeks as they had been gone. The policy, outlined in an employee handbook, called for those who left anyway to pay back money earned during the weeks they were on leave.


This is cruel, unethical, and should be illegal if it isn’t already.

“I need to do some serious soul searching about our office,” she said in one email, lamenting the team’s work product. “How can you treat me like this time and time again?”

This is gaslighting.

All of this, in a president, would be a national security risk. Abusing, humiliating, and cheating employees is a great way to have them turn on you and start leaking.


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