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My doctor wants me to walk more so we went to the mall. Sadly the elevator in the center of mall was being repaired. So I had to use the stairs or escalator. Now I will go up an escalator but no way will I go down one. So I used the stairs.

I do take steps one step at a time when going down. There are 18 steps (I counted them many times through the years going up or down) Which makes me slow going. I was about to get on the stairs when I heard this woman in front of me say to a little boy about three if he was scared “he nodded yes”. The woman took his hand and walked him down.

I thought it was the mother. Nope. The mother was at the bottom, I saw the woman hand the child over then walk away.


Something bothered me about this. It made me feel good about the kindness of the stranger. She could easily have just yelled “your child is scared going down come back up and help him”. I would have (in this day and age most men would have).

I could be over thinking too.

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