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TW: Body talk, ED, idiocy. Also, no mainpaging, in case it needs to be said.

I get back to my office from lunch this afternoon, and my coworker mentions that there's a catered lunch next door. I, having already gone out and eaten my fill, politely decline and sit down at my desk. The following interaction occurs:

Coworker: Really, you don't want any? Oh yeah, I forgot, you're anorexic.

Me: Um... that's rude...

Coworker: Oh, no it's not. I would have taken it as a compliment.


NO. Just no.

I'm so tired of people thinking it's okay to snark on someone's food and body choices. Maybe it's just the people I work with, but everyone's just so judgmental about that stuff. I grabbed a diet soda at work one time, and another coworker was all, "What do you need with a diet soda?"

Why am I constantly being held accountable for every food choice (or non-choice) that I make? When I was much bigger as a child/adolescent, people were making jokes all the time about how I could "stand to miss a few meals," to the point where I was almost too embarrassed to eat in front of people. Now it's all "haha eating disorders?" And I'm supposed to never decline food offers to prove I'm not "anorexic?" Bull. Shit.

Stop body shaming, society. If you want to voice concern about a close loved one's health, do so privately. (And for God's sake, don't make jokes about it.) If you want to discuss the health and lifestyle choices of anyone who is not a close loved one, please have a seat.


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