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An addendum to a rant.

First off thank you to Tweeze and T_beermonster for teaching me the tricks of Kinja. So now that i know how to attach previous posts, here is my rant from last night about my ex roommmate just so there is some context of what i want to talk about. I really just want to vent a bit about the last part where he claims i told his gf that she is to good for him. Frankly being honest they;re made for each other. He lies about paying his bills and she has a gambling addiciton and has lied at least once about being pregnant and broken up with him at least once only to cry that she wants him back and he takes her back. So they're a mtch made in heaven. But let me ask this. Even IF i wanted to say something like WHY would i tell her, the one person who has the means, motive and opprotunity to tell him. Second of all, what would be the point? It's not like i'm going to be trying to win her away especcially now that i'm engaged. Also this may be a fun diversion but it has nothing to do with our business arrangement. Even if i did talka bout him behind his back that dosen't change the fact that he still owes me for two months of electric service. So yeah, that's just something i thought off last night after i posted my first rant. I promise i will try to limit the long ranting posts here, i was just extremly frusturated with his dude and his bullshit. Again, if you have kitty gifs they are always welcome i'm a sucker for cats and/or catwomen.


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