Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We had an adventure
Yes, an adventure today
We pulled both our shoes on
We headed out straight away

An adventure
Oh what an adventure we had!
We got spoils from our journey
We got bread and all that
And if you were to ask me
It wasn’t even that bad

We got home safe and sound
Good cheer all around
Our adventure we attest
Was a stunning success
Until I noticed the dark
Cut like an arc
Stars bloomed in my head
As I dropped the bread
The world felt far too light
So I held on to it tight
Saw the worry in your eyes
‘I’m sorry..’ I smiled


We had an adventure today
Oh what an adventure we had
It was successful I say
It wasn’t even that bad


I wanted to share this little poem I wrote last night. About when even a trip to the supermarket can feel like an adventure you actually can’t quite handle. I’ sure others here know what that feels like too.

At the moment my thyroid is doing weird backflips again (got more meds and got more hypo which is the opposite of what should happen) and as a result I’ve been feeling like hell despite taking some positive steps in life (yay for steptaking!).


How are you all? OT time! :)

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