Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I really, really, really enjoyed this. Comedian Virgil Texas managed to get added to a private, pro-Confederate Facebook group (I feel like that’s probably pretty easy when your name is Virgil Texas, right?), trolled it a bunch secretly, then got the other admins to agree to make him an admin so that he could help with their troll problem. THEN ALL AMAZING BROKE LOOSE as he changed the name, picture, and got a bunch of friends to participate. By the time they’d figured out what he was doing, he’d made at least 50 other people admins and it was bedlam.


A good overview of the merriment is here, at slate. However, if you want the full hilarity (and it is totally worth it), it’s all at Virgil’s Twitter account. (also check out the people he retweets who are doing excellent work too - my favorite:)

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