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An Airing of Grievances

In no particular order:

  1. When I am texting with someone and because of time delay with texting I start having two conversations at once. Right now I am making a dinner plan with a friend, and then also talking about my sister visiting, and every other text message is pertaining to one subject.
  2. When I accidentally get a “nice” laundry item in with my shitty clothes and put it through the dryer on high heat.
  3. When I am in a meeting that could have been an email.
  4. My autocorrect likes to change the word excited to “executed” because of this one time I was in a work conversation about leases being executed and said that word like 30 times. So now, I often text someone, “Get executed!” or “I’m really executed!”
  5. When my boss addresses a certain new policy or rule clarification to everyone when they really just needed to tell one person they were doing something wrong. Example: being told to dress professionally when we have visitors (which is well-known on our calendars, and we otherwise don’t have a dress code). I know this is addressed to one particular person.
  6. When someone commissions an art piece from me, tells me to take some creative license but didn’t mean it.
  7. When I have completely lost friends because they can’t ever get themselves to a place at a time, and never show up to anything they say they’re going to.
  8. When I hit my late 20s/early 30s and I see the people I used to party with still raging hard, but I’ve moved on. I feel old and boring and simultaneously have no interest in it anymore.
  9. When my significant other generously does the grocery shopping because I will be doing the cooking, and always gets the slightly wrong version of a thing.
  10. When I are good at computers but your IT people put so much crap on my work computer I can barely work it, and then they look at me like I’m an idiot when I regularly need them to bypass the insane firewall to open the exact software I need to do my job.
  11. When I order something off Amazon Prime and then they put it in the hands of my local post office after the 2 days instead of delivering it to my door, but local post office can’t be trusted!
  12. When I see my friends start to destroy their lives with substance abuse, but since I’ve known them it was just regular youth partying, and I don’t know how to address it. Can they still outgrow this like you did?
  13. When I’ve had a busy couple weeks of eating takeout, and then I can’t remember for the life of me what groceries to buy and what I ever ate before pizza.
  14. When people complain about losing an hour of sleep during spring daylight savings WITH NO REGARD TO THE FACT THAT IT BUYS US 6 MONTHS OF GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS EVENINGS! Small price to pay.
  15. When your SO texts me, “is it wrong if I don’t want to hire someone b/c I saw on FB they are a Trump supporter?” and I share this with my politically like-minded friend, and they say, “well maybe they’re not a racist though.”
  16. When my office full of and run by women is sexist.
  17. When I realize my teenage flame from a million years ago still makes me feel funny, and I’m a grown ass woman!

I’m sure I’ll come up with more. Vent away, GT!


  • When I like a song so much I CAN’T STAND IT and every other song is a disappointment.
  • When everything does something without me, but I didn’t want to do it, but I wanted to be invited, but I know they know I’d have said no, so I can’t blame them for not inviting me.

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