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An Alternate Career

In my heart of hearts, I wish that I could be an arrogant, fire breathing dragon that was entranced by riddles. In lieu of doing quantitative work, I could spend my days incinerating my enemies, devouring ponies, and staring at the Arkenstone.

I suppose that I've had such an enduring love for Smaug (I first read The Hobbit in the 3rd grade) because we have the same qualities. I too am haughty, smug, have a sardonic sense of humor, and suffer from avarice. At a point I believed that I was invincible. Like Smaug, I fell. However, my love for riddles has staid intact. I also ate horse in Italy.


Smaug was just being a dragon, and later on in The Hobbit, the dwarves kind of turned into greedy jerks. Thorin basically dumps the Smaug problem onto Bilbo. Not cool, Thorin.

Smaug forever.

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