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So, in the vein of super awesome AMAs recently - I'm told there is some desire for answers on Immigration (to Canada, from the US at least - which is the only thing I can speak on) after FlarfenFoofenoogan posted their Permanent Resident Card success story. She said she'd also join in - so yay!

Some background: I immigrated 10 years ago to Canada under the family class after meeting my (now married) partner online. Shortly after we met, I took a bus to go to Canada and visit - but was denied entry at the border (which made made for some serious headaches down the road - that shit stays on your record FOREVER). Later, I sold everything I owned and used it to finance my move and paperwork.


I'm originally from outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and I moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba (And in my defence - no one told me just how god damn cold it got here). I received permanent resident status about 8-9 years ago, and became a citizen 2 years ago - so I am a dual US/Canadian citizen now. I enjoy long walks on the beach and making people who hate immigrants really uncomfortable - ask me/us anything!

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