So there have been some developments in this saga since this morning. Apparently the Annoying Brother in Law and Sister in Law are freaking out because they already shopped for everyone. When asked why they would shop for everyone, when we did Secret Santa last year, they denied that they did Secret Santa last year. They maintain that the rest of us did Secret Santa, but that they gave gifts to everyone.

This is not true at all. I know, because ASiL got my name in the Secret Santa, and gave me some cheap bath products that I still have upstairs.

Plus I distinctly remember them complaining last year when we proposed Secret Santa that they had already started their Christmas shopping, and that they would have to see what they could do. I told them that if they were too far along in their shopping, we could do a regular exchange, and then do Secret Santa next year, but then they decided they could do secret Santa after all.

The selective memory thing is common with these two.

Oh, and apparently they told my MiL that if we do do Secret Santa, they want either Mr. I or my MiL to draw the names because they are "the only ones that can be trusted". Oookaaay. I'm not sure what they think my Other Sister in Law or I might do with the names? Give them random people who aren't part of the family to buy for? Arrange it so we don't have to get the Annoying In-laws' crappy gifts?

My ABiL sent this whiny email to the group saying that it doesn't matter what they think because no matter what they do the majority will overrule them.

I feel like responding with essentially the same thing I did last year, which was "If Secret Santa isn't going to work for you, then we can skip it for this year. I propose that we agree here and now that Christmas 2014 will be a Secret Santa year,"

And further propose that "No one does any Christmas Shopping for 2015, until we have discussed whether we want to continue with Secret Santa."

But apparently I am one of the evil people now, so they probably wouldn't go for it.