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An Annoying Inlaw Addendum: Updated

ABiL called this evening. Mr. Ivriniel being the good brother he is, brought up the fact that the bar that was in the old basement still smells mouldy in the new one.

ABiL’s response “I don’t think you were smelling the bar. What you probably smelt was the pieces of the vinyl floor from the old house that ASiL brought to the new house.”

Mr Ivriniel: “Wait, what? She brought pieces of the vinyl floor from your old house, which had mould growing under it, to your new house?”


ABiL “She says she has bleached it, so she says it’s fine. She doesn’t want to throw it out because she says it is still perfectly good flooring.” Mr I said he sounded resigned to the fact that she has brought pieces of the old floor to the new house.

Even so, Mr I suggested he try to load it into the truck and take it to the dump. At the very least, we hope the fact that we mentioned a mouldy smell in their basement will give him ammunition to insist the flooring go.

Update: My MiL was over at the old house today. She says the place is filthy, (floors haven’t been cleaned, dust all over the window sills and whatnot) and the closets are still full of crap, but ASiL thinks they can show it as it is, once they finish painting the basement floor.

She also says that there is no more space at the new house for the stuff that is still at the old house.

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