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An Annoying Inlaw Update

it was niece's birthday recently, and my Annoying Brother in Law emailed his sister (OSiL) to find out when she was available for a family birthday party for the niece. OSiL is currently working full time while also doing her final placement in her RPN program.

She emailed him back when she was off, and the ABiL called his Mom and said "So OSiL is available Sat, who is going to host?"

That's right, it is *his* kid's birthday, and he expects that the party will be somewhere else. ( Last year they had her party at their place, but they made it a dessert potluck, and didn't contribute anything.). For some crazy reason, OSiL agreed to have it at her place, but she said she was not hosting a meal, instead a cake and coffee type thing and told the Annoying Inlaws flat out that they would need to bring the cake.


Yesterday, ABiL sent out an email, asking us to RSVP, and let him know what we are bringing.

Um, a present for your kid.... Why would we bring additional food to cake and coffee.

In the email he also said that because tomorrow is international tabletop day, he would be bringing 2-3 board games to play.

He has a hyperactive 3 year old, and he thinks he is going to spend the afternoon at HER BIRTHDAY PARTY, playing HIS board games?


Tomorrow is going to be fun.

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