Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

An apology and an update

So I’ve been very off the grid here, BT and Twitter so I’m completely out of the loop please let me know if there’s a llama or new inside joke.

So a timeline of the last couple weeks includes

-lost job

-crashed my car

-lost new job on second day because they are fuckers who didn’t properly asses business needs before promising people stuff


My poor 2013 Elantra was totaled officially, according to insurance it was worth $14k, I had $10k left on the loan so that left me with about 4200 after everything. So I live in an area where to find any work I need a car. So Geekboy who’s mechanically talented and I realized that with my lack of income that getting another car loan might not be the best.

So I got to spend Saturday used car shopping so I want to apologize for missing the Philadelphia meetup and ghosting on you guys. Trust me I’m super bummed I missed out. I had to get something quickly because my rental through insurance was only until Monday. Stupid insurance you get 30 days of the rental if they fix it but like 3 once they decide to total it. Yay for having to be under more pressure!


So basically my life is insurance stress, trying to figure out unemployment claims and the ever so fun joy of applications and interviews. Gifs would be appreciated.

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