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An apology and clarification

During yesterday's discussion of mental health, I made a point that I think was very unclear and I want to clarify it.

I took issue with the fact that I saw a lot of "I don't want to tell people how to use the forum but..." in discussions of how we should use the forum. What I meant to express was that I think this doesn't match what was happening, in a very positive way. Whatever my personal feelings are on the topic (which are NOT the subject of this post), for the most part it was a pretty constructive discussion. I feel like many people came into it with good intentions and respect for both sides of the issue, and tried to find a constructive solution. In fact, of all the "please can we change this thing about GT?" posts there have been, I feel like this one truly opened a dialogue in some places, which is good.

Which is why I take issue with "I don't want to tell people how to use the forum..." because it doesn't match the reality! I get that people don't want to seem bossy or like they're overstepping their boundaries, and we shouldn't be telling others what to do but having a conversation. It obscures the productive nature of the discussion. And if the constructive nature of a conversation like that is removed then what are we left with?


Anyway, I've realized I did not make that clear. I think it came off more that I felt some the conversation was not constructive, which isn't accurate. I'm sorry for the lack of clarity and to anyone who was confused by it or felt attacked by it.

Disclaimer: This post is not about anyone's opinions mental health posts on the board, and I will dismiss any comments dredging that up, from anyone.

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