Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So earlier today I was bitching about how lame Paris was because of it's lack of nail varnishes. I OFFICIALLY APOLOGISE TO PARIS AND RETRACT THAT STATEMENT.

I mean, who would think that Sephora - the shop purely dedicated to make up and perfumes and shit - would be the place to go for nail varnish? MORONS. THAT'S WHO. Apparently if you want to buy nail varnish, you need to go to one of the huge Monoprix's that also sells make up. I found loads!!! HURRAH FOR NAIL VARNISH!!!

I also finished all my Christmas shopping today. Thank christ for that. I felt a bit weird when I got to the till and saw how much it was, but then on the way home I realised that it was pretty much the same amount I spent on ONE present last year. So yeah, all in all I think I did pretty well.


I think I'm also going to put in little cards with IOU's relevant to the present.

Like I got my mum a beautiful silk scarf with gold dots (it wasn't as expensive as it sounds) and got her some nail varnish that will go with it. I'm going to put in a card promising to get up early the next day and do her nails for her.

I bought my dad a game he wanted, so I'm going to put in a card promising to the play the game with him later that day.

I also got them a tiny joint present of a really quirky tea towel that I couldn't resist, so I'll put in a card promising to do all the dishes that day.


I got Mr Kay Kay an item of clothing he needs, so there's not much I can add to that. Promise to rip them off him? LOLZ. Promise to wash them? I do that anyway....

How about you guys? Have you finished your shopping? Are you happy with what you got?



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