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An appeal for help

I have suddenly found myself the owner of a second blog: What The F*** Is A Munch? I do not know how many of you know meletor, but she has not posted in a while. Her and I are friends and I contacted her by email last week to make sure she was OK (she is!), and she has stated that she has decided to step away from the kinjaverse (hopefully temporarily) and she assigned ownership of her blog to me. Some of you may know that I very recently started a blog focusing on geopolitics. Geopolitics is a huge interest of mine and I think it is much more my forte, so I am asking for some help. Mel asked that I keep her blog going. I am concerned that I could not effectively manage two blogs. So here is the deal: I am looking for any person(s) that would be interested in helping run/take over What The F*** Is A Munch?. Under Mel's guidance this blog focused on kink. I believe it would be great to widen the focus of the blog, and include all facets of sexuality, while keeping the atmosphere sex positive and safe, but of course the details are open for debate. Once things are up and running and I am certain that it is something that Mel would be happy with, I will gladly transfer ownership to the admin(s) running the show. The name can be changed, or the focus can be modified to whatever pleases everyone the most. So I am completely open to suggestions. I will gladly help get things going as far as postings go, and even if nobody is interested I will still try and put posts up as often as I can.


I realize that some people might not like to discuss subjects relating to sex in the open, and if you are interested in more anonymous admin duties and want to use a burner that is fine with me. You can contact me privately at: x_scylla_x@yahoo.com. Just please understand that I would like to see some posting history before I give anyone admin privileges.

Also, I know that Mel had some friends here, but I do not know who you are. She told me that I could give her email to anyone that wants a way to contact her (email me at the address above).

ETA: I set up an Open Discussion post over on WFIAM. Please feel free to share any ideas or thoughts between now and tomorrow evening.

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