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Welcome To The Bitchery

Authorities in Texas have made an arrest in the case of the murder of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson. The story is starting to get sadder and more rage inducing than I originally expected - and that is saying something.

They have arrested Britney Cosby's father on charges of evidence tampering.

"According to the Lone Star Q, authorities haven't identified a motive. "I know the family was not happy with the girls' lifestyle that they led, so I don't know," Maj. Darrell Isaacks of the
Galveston County Sheriff's Department told the new site on Thursday. "Apparently some of the detectives had talked to family members, and they were not very happy with the lifestyle that they lived.""


In case you were wondering (as some commenters had) if this had something to do with drugs or some other such dumb victim blaming ideas. No, it was homophobia that killed these two young women.

Investigators believe the women were killed in the home where he lives. His charges may be bumped up to capitol murder.


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