I'll be quick, because I have to leave for work.

I want to finish my MA coursework in time for January "graduation". No reason other than I want to be done sooner rather than later. In order to do this, I have to file a "final audit" with the registrar by a certain time that's absurdly far beforehand. Usually my department chair and/or the university sends out reminders when the date's coming up. I was reminded this morning and decided to Google it (because, of course, it's nearly impossible to find straight away on the website).

It was June 1st.

There were no reminders. From anyone.

I shot off a quick e-mail to the dept. coordinator to see if they could be flexible, but I'm not hopeful. I think I'm screwed and I'll have to wait until May to finish; even if I'm done with coursework I'll have to pay a fee for the spring semester to stay enrolled.

Maybe I won't take the godawful intensive torturous summer class since it's not essential anymore.