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An Early Start to Fuck It Friday

Good morning, Groupthink! I'd just like to point out that it's 6:20 AM and I am ALREADY in full-on "fuck it, I don't give even a semblance of a shit today" mode. I'm going to go into work and do what I feel like doing, and not what I don't, regardless of the list he left me. Chicken salad? Haha, fuck that noise, we've got plenty in the back. Maybe if I'm feeling particularly bored, and after the first couple hours when I've had my Excedrin and it's not the single most painful thing I do all day. He's lucky I'm even going to bother cooking the livers. Flipping the plates of what goes in the case when I go in? Maybe if they're lucky, and for what I feel like doing it for (translation: not much). Four cooks of rotisserie chicken instead of the usual three like my boss told me to? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR. My passive-aggressive co-worker even TRIES to say anything? HAHA NOPE, NOT TODAY, FUCKER.

God, I am happy about my job decision, even if Monday-Wednesday next week are going to kick the shit out of me (more on this over the weekend).


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