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An Encounter with the Annoying Inlaws

So this afternoon, Mr. Ivriniel asked me to go with him on a trip to visit a friend who lives in another city about an hour away. On the way there, we decided to take her out to one of the new board game pubs that have opened up there. (For those not familiar with the concept, you pay a $5 cover to play unlimited board games, and then you can also order food and drink.)

Once we got to the pub, I realized that we were actually not too far away from the annoying Inlaws house. ABiL LOVES board games, so I suggested to Mr. I that he give his brother a call and ask him. If he wanted to join us. I figured if he found out we were there and didn't invite him, we would never hear the end of it.

Mr I. talks to ABiL who says he has to talk to ASiL first and will call us back. Shortly after that, he calls back, and says ASiL has offered a compromise: they are inviting us to come over to their place and play board games.


Um, no. They don't have a kitchen table anymore since they dismantled it to put a piano in its place. Their house is also a hoarder's shambles. They also have a very active 2 year old who will get into the game. Finally their whole house smells of mildew, which will set off my allergies.

We tell them, no, sorry, we want to stay where we are and then we proceed to play two games of Ticket to Ride.

We finish that up and decide to try a new game called sushi. As we are working out how to play, I look up, and see ABiL coming up to the front door with his daughter on his shoulders. ASiL is walking behind him, scowling, with her arms folded. As she comes in the door, she manages to lose the scowl, but she is clearly pissed to be here. We say our hellos, and they stand awkwardly around the table a bit. A server comes by and asks if they know how things work. They say they do. ABiL gets a glass of water. Niece runs around. We chat while playing, but are not really clear on what is supposed to happen next. They don't seem to want to play, but they aren't leaving either. And with the niece running around, we clearly can't all play a game.

ABiL looks at a game on the shelf. ASiL spots Mousetrap on the shelf. They pull it out and set it up at another table and play briefly before one of the waitstaff comes by and talks to them. The game is abruptly put away, and they leave. Presumably they wanted to play Mousetrap without paying the $5 per person cover.


Before they go, I remember that we have a gargoyle that belongs to them in the trunk of my car, which we borrowed for GISHWHES. I offer to get it, and stick it in their trunk. They tell us just to drop it by when we are finished.

So when we do finish up, we run the gargoyle around to their house. When we get there, we say we can't stay because we need to drop our friend off (Thank God, because the moment they open the front door I can smell the mildew). ASiL says to hang on a moment, before we go, because she found part of Mr. Ivriniel's birthday present, which they lost before his birthday last month. She says another part is still missing, but this is "the fun part."


In the gift bag: An inflatable Thor's hammer, and a plastic Empire Strikes Back mug.

Did I mention that Mr. I turned 41? Yes we're nerds, but there's stuff you give to adult nerds, and there is stuff you give to kids. Plus, Mr. I isn't a comic book nerd at all, so the inflatable hammer is just random crap.

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