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An Essay, The Date, & Rawrglicious Shout Out!

I have three things, one which I think y'all will like, and a date that I can make no sense of. Oh, and a major for real shout out to Rawrglicious!

Ok, so the first and brief thing is an essay I came across while being nerdy last night. It's called From Hero-Worship to Celebrity Adulation, and it was published by The Hoover Institution-which may not be popular in these parts, but I thought it was an interesting piece. Also I want to be a researcher there, the main reason I was looking for essays to read. Oh, and if any Jezzies work there or are a researcher for like, public policy and stuff, hit me up. Here are the types of things they're into.


Ok, now on to the topic of date number infinity-I have lost count of them. So basically we went and got dinner. Sadly, the restaurant was quite loud, so a lot of the conversation was garbled. Also, I have a run-away train of thought, so he couldn't really keep up.

He asked me if I wanted to see a movie with him that night. Slow down, cowboy! I politely declined and he looked sad. Well, not my problem. Also, I made one of my usual pharmaceutical jokes-I take Xanax, and I forget that people don't really understand why one would take Xanax. So, incoming awkward conversation!

Date: Um, can I ask you a personal question?

Me: Sure, go for it.

Date: So...do you really take Xanax? Like, for fun?

Me: Nope, I take it for panic attacks [Note: Left out the rehab stints because that would be weird for a first date].

Date: Oh, does it work?

Me: Yup!

Date: Oh. Ok. Actually if it works for you, that's pretty cool. I hope that the panic attacks don't happen often!

Me: Thanks! Yeah, they've gotten a lot better.

Also we had a great conversation about politics-he's a mild conservative and I'm a liberal. But we respected each others views. And we're both DC comic fans. But he doesn't understand sarcasm. Meaning, he's extremely gullible. Welp.


Also awkward hug...


But...can't really tell if I'm into him or not. I mean, he and I exchange great messages. He's a law student, which is...well, I've been surrounded by lawyers literally my entire life, so I get most of the stuff he talks about. But I don't know. Maybe I need another date to get a better read on him. What do y'all think?

Also he said I was much cuter in person. Awwwww, how nice!

Last thing I promise: Shout out to Rawrglicious and the FRICKING AMAZING SHOES!

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