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An evening of rapid changes

Husband and I went out for a couple hours tonight, just us 2. Went to a friend's birthday party at a bar in a nearby town. They were doing karaoke. The couple running the karaoke are old pals that we haven't seen in a good 10 years, so that was cool. Aaaaand then Husband volunteered me to sing Rolling In the Deep.

Now, I've started to get over my nerves while singing with Other-Husband at our regular gig, but getting up there and singing by myself took some real effort. Especially since I can't drink right now (antibiotics and alcohol... not a good mix for me). And I have literally never sung karaoke before. I did it, and did pretty damn well (I surprised the hell out of a few people lol), but man... I was shaking like a leaf by the time I was done!

About an hour later, I decided to go for broke, and signed up to do Bring Me To Life. Which I. Fucking. Nailed. Another buddy did the guy part, which was cool. I was a lot less nervous for this one, and about a half dozen people came up to me afterward and said I sounded great, which... honestly, that just blew my mind.


So, I was still flying pretty high from that when we got home. Almost immediately on getting home, my neighbour called. Her new seizure med was giving her strange and awful side effects. I sent Husband and TeenChild to go help her (normally, I would, but my arm is absolutely throbbing with pain at this point. I'm typing entirely one-handed). She ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance. I offered to sit up and wait for her to call for a ride, so that Husband can get some sleep, so... that's what I'm doing.

10 minutes after she left and the guys came back, Husband's buddy called and said he was coming over. A little weird for 2am, but not unheard of. He got here, said he done fucked up but good and his gf kicked him out, so can he stay the night? Almost the same moment, I get a text from his gf (my good buddy) with her side of things. I told her he was staying here for the night and we talked about it a bit. She's debating between tossing him out for good and giving him one more chance. We can't have a houseguest for more than 2 consecutive nights without permission, though, so...?

What a weird night.

TL;DR I kicked serious ass at karaoke, came home and helped my neighbour get to the hospital, and have an unexpected houseguest for the night.

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