Or at least with my Annoying Brother-in-Law, as Annoying Sister-in-Law was just too exhausted to come after she had worked a "double-shift". She's been really talking up these exhausting "double shifts" lately, which she has been forced to take on since ABiL got himself fired (again) in March.

Only what she calls a double shift is what the rest of the world calls an 8 hour work day.

Anyways, we were at my Other Sister-in-Law's place for her birthday/Canada Day party. The Annoying In-Laws for some inexplicable reason got her a set of secondhand dishes. ABiL told her when he gave them to her that some of the dishes are chipped and there are some saucers missing but overall they're good dishes. (I think they are ugly.)

OSiL has no idea what to do with them. She has a full set of dishes. She wants to get rid of them, but knows he will ask about them later. I suggested just saying that she didn't have space in the cupboard right now, so she put them away somewhere, without mentioning that "somewhere" is the local Sally Ann.


So anyways, with ASiL away, it was just ABiL and the niece, whom I chased around all evening while ABiL watched TV, until he decided she should eat something. Then he asked her if she was hungry, to which she replied "No". Then he told her she had to eat, and when she refused, he pinned her down by holding her legs so her knees were held to her chest, and tried to tell her she could either stay at her Aunt's house and eat, or go home and eat.

She did not respond positively to this. My MiL and I stood by uneasily, and after it was clear they were at an impass, my MiL piped up with "Well, if she isn't hungry, don't force her to eat. She'll eat when she is hungry." After that, he let her go, though he kept trying to get her to eat all evening, without success. I got her to eat half a sausage, just by offering it to her.


My ABiL's parenting style very heavy handed and he seems to take any dissent from her as a challenge to his authority. At one point, the niece was petting a cat, and did something to annoy it so it hissed and snapped at her. I saw the whole thing, and was pretty sure the cat didn't bite her, but she ran a short distance and threw herself on the ground, yelling "No, no." I went to check on her, but she was lying on her stomach and just kept saying "No, no." while crying a bit, and I started to get concerned that maybe the cat did bite her after all, so I called her Dad to come and check on her. He came over and picked her up, but she did not want to be picked up, so she started struggling and yelling. It was clear at this point that the cat did not hurt her.

Seemed to me that the logical thing at that point would be to set her down, but no, he seemed to take her struggling as a challenge to his authority, and held her at arms length while she struggled, and told her he would just hold her like that until she stopped. When that didn't work, he then held her close and restrained her until she stopped.


Oh, and he was wearing this t-shirt:


Did I mention my niece is two? He 's been making comments about not allowing her to date since she was an infant. I find it creepy that he is seemingly so hung up on her potential future sex life.

On a mostly unrelated note, I have an amusing story to add. My niece doesn't get to play with dolls at home, my ASiL insists she doesn't like them. But yesterday, she found her cousin's Barbies, and was immediately taken with them. They were lying on the floor naked (of course, what 10 year old keeps her Barbies dressed) and the niece picked one up, and started carrying it around the house. At one point she started tapping the Barbie's chest and saying "hard, hard". Then she brought the doll into the living room where her Dad was, tapped its chest and announced "Hard, hard, boobies, hard." Which she repeated several times, while my ABiL looked flummoxed.


And yes, I am certain she was saying "boobies" not "Barbies" as she was very definitely touching the doll's breasts as she said it. :D