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So I’m a huuuuge podcast nerd. It’s bad... Anyway, I was listening to the latest episode of Radiolab and it was so interesting and moving, and I just want everyone to hear it. Heads up, it is about fertility, surrogacy, and gay couples adopting, so if any of that is distressing to any of you, just be aware. There is no graphic detail or anything like that, but as with so many things, family planning and fertility are incredibly sensitive topics for some folks.

In any case, this episode follows a gay Israeli couple in their quest to find a surrogate, and the events that followed once they started on their journey. What came to light was a much deeper story about how many countries discriminate against gay/lesbian couples and ban them from adopting, the expense and time and effort that go into finding affordable surrogacy agencies, and just how incredibly in demand surrogacy services are for many gay couples the world over.

Per usual, the team at Radiolab has put forth an excellent piece of investigative journalism and has made me see the whole process in a much different light. The episode is about an hour, so if you are at work and are able to listen, or want some background noise while you do your chores, check this out. I promise it is worth it.


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