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Ok, so I'm not actually that smelly, I promise. BUT, mes petites, the wonderful ladies over at PiperWai have sent me something super cool!

Here is the plan: I'm going to tell you about the product now, and then in a month I'm going to give you my thoughts on how well the product works. How's that for service, eh? But first, a picture!

Yes, you see that correctly, my friends. This little potion comes in a 2oz tub! With a cute design on the top! I think it's a ram, but I could be wrong. We're going with ram for now.

Even though it's that dark grey color (the mixture contains activated charcoal, one of the ingredients that allows them to get away with not using any aluminum compounds), it does rub on clear. Made without any harmful or chemical ingredients, PiperWai deodorant purports to create an alkaline environment - so that the bacteria that is the actual cause of smelly armpits can't survive.


Also, it smells good. This might seem really superficial, but I really REALLY hate when 'all-natural' products smell like cow dung. C'mon guys, this is why essential oils EXIST. I've been looking for a deodorant forever that both took care of any smells, but that also smelled nice itself and was all-natural. I get perpetual bumps in my poor pits, so I'm hoping and praying and have my fingers crossed that those are caused by whatever ingredients are in my usual pit juice (yeah, that's actually what my Dad calls it. Can you see now where I get some of my humor?) and that using this will cause them to magically disappear. A girl can dream, eh?!

If you'd like to join me in this experiment, head on over to their website:! At $10 per tub (they've told me that it should last you ~2 months) it's pretty darn reasonable, and they have a coupon out for 15% off your first order!

I'll be back with the results in a month, unless it turns out I'm suddenly massively allergic to Sodium Bicarbonate! They've got a whole list of ingredients up on their site, please go over there to check it out and read their story!