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An extra child for the night

We have a policy in our house that if any of Little's friends need a place away from home for a night, our door is open. It's important to me that all kids have a safe place. So we have a second teenage girl on our hands. I like her a lot though, so it's cool. Poor girl's step-mother just packed up and left and is blaming the split on this awesomely great kid. So messed up! I wish adults could just deal with their own shit and not drag children into the muck. She's been seriously depressed for two weeks, is hardly eating, and I don't think she's bathed in days. It just kills me. It sounds like her dad is trying, but she really needed an out tonight. I just want her to know she's loved and appreciated. She looked so desperate standing there outside the school this afternoon. I'm so mad at her soon-to-be-ex-step-mother! How do you tell a kid "you're why I'm leaving your father"?


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