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This is going to be long-ass post. Please, don't Main Page (just in case)

I've been going back and forth on whether I wanted to write this post today. Emotions are high, the events in the last week, I feel, have emotionally drained us (well, I'm drained) and left us (maybe just me) numb.

Last night, after imbibing on wine a little too much, the race issue came to play during dinner and brought into our home. Actually, race is always with me; I have no choice. I'm of Dominican descent and like many of us in the Latin community; I am a mixture of many races/ethnicities. My husband is white, comes from a middle class family, college educated and liberal. He's also a police officer. We live in one of the whitest state in our country and, due to our geographical location, I'm always the lone minority amongst our friends (which the majority are Law Enforcement Officers <LEO>).


Now that I have provided you with some background, let me tell you what has bothered me in the past, actually, it continues to burn me with resentment. When a LEO dies, whether in the line of duty or not, many of our LEO friends are quick to post about said officer to show solidarity with the officer and their families. I'm talking about LEOs that died nationally, sometimes, internationally. It happens often with high profile deaths. It's a lovely gesture. Brothers in blue and all. However, what stands out to me, are the lack of Blue Line posts for minority LEOs who have died. As in none, zero, nada. All posts of fallen officers, are for white officers.

I brought this point to my dear husband. He told me it wasn't true. I directed him to the many stories of LEOs who have died recently and never saw the posting on their deaths. Once he saw the stories and the lack of recognition they received, he was in awe. He now saw what I see on FB; the lack of recognition for fallen minority LEOs amongst our friends. He gets it now. That being said, I do not believe that our friends are aware of what they're doing. I really don't believe that they do so consciously. No one has pointed it out to them, yet.

And this is my take on this issue. If you can't empathize with the loss of a fellow minority LEO, how can you empathize with us, the few minorities that live in this community? And there lies the rub.

*EDITED: LEO defined.

Below, is a few links to the fallen officers of color.


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