Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This post has a lot of parts. They don't really fit together, but it's cool. Right? Right.

Anyway, an idea: Would anyone be interested in us doing a roundup of swell links on the web? I know we post a lot of these as their own posts, but I know that sometimes I find a good read that I don't really need to discuss but that I think might interest y'all—it would be sort of like the Daily Dump, but for things outside of GT. Feministing does something similar with their Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet (Lindy gets a shout-out in this one!). Whoever does it (and I'm willing to do it if there's interest, or to share duties) could put up a post where people submit their links as comments, and then recap at the end of the day.

A thank you: I know you know this already, but Groupthink is awesome. On the mainpage, not only are there plenty of idiots who I disagree with (/trolls) but there also idiots who I agree with but get mad at anyway. I know that topics like Lindy's article can make us super angry at the world and obvious trolls don't really deserve our respect, but sometimes it's frustrating to see a conversation where someone who is on your side quickly resorts to little more than angry name-calling when faced with opposition. Contrast that with the top comment on vivaciousvicious's post this morning, where even things that are disagreed over are talked about in an amazingly polite, respectful manner—which seems to be pretty typical of our discussions. TL;DR: You're awesome and I love you.


And an annoyance, which has nothing to do with Jez: Fucking maxiskirts. They're classy versatile and cool enough to wear in the summer without showing my weird legs, and they all seem to be designed for women who are at least 5'7". I can't help being 5'3"—don't I deserve cute clothes too?

Anyway, for those of you who have read this far: have some hovercats and a lovely day.

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