This is a little different from my regular Trick Or Treat columns, it's a treatment for a movie.

We open in Sunnydale, where Rupert Giles is entertaining two close friends from England: a surgeon and his abrupt-but-brilliant detective friend. The Scooby Gang comes to them with an emergency: a group of Marauding Robot Assholes are overrunning the town. Through their collective efforts they discover that the threat is coming from Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, they find that all of their cars have broken down. They enlist the efforts of a truck driver and his mustachioed friend in a Trans Am. When they get to LA, they meet up with a couple of FBI agents (one male and goofy, the other female and redheaded) who are investigating the Marauding Robot Assholes. Soon, they seek shelter in one of the few places free of the Marauding Robot Asshole menace - The Muppet Theater.

The Scooby Gang, the English guests, the truckers, the agents, the Muppets and their guest Tom Waits fight valiantly, but are soon cornered at center stage.

Suddenly, there's a strange whirring and a police box appears. Out of the police box walks a man in a bow tie and fez and his companion, a pointy-eared humanoid in black pants and a blue sweater. The companion raises a pointed eyebrow and says something about this all being highly illogical...



(I left out some fandoms because I'm not as familiar with them; add them in if you want! Also, if anyone has photoshop skills...)