This is my first time going to a fancy work conference, and when I asked my boss what to wear she said it would be a jeans-and-tshirt kind of atmosphere. Lo and behold: suits and ties. So I already feel super under-dressed and self-conscious. Whatever, that’s my own fault.

At lunch my boss and I were supposed to sit at a reserved table, so I dropped my stuff off and went up to get food. When I came back, one of the servers was aggressively trying to get me to leave, and kept saying, “this table is reserved!” I know this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but now I feel even more self-conscious and upset. I’m intimidated by all of these people and definitely feel like I don’t belong. And the only way I know how to deal with these situations is to run away and hide. So, here I am, hiding in my hotel room until the next event.

Anxiety sucks.