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I was thinking about the concept of retirement today and how I would be so bad at it, since I’ve never not worked. The most I’ve ever had away from work/school since I turned 12 and started summer babysitting jobs is 2 weeks, and even then I usually pack each day off with as much to do as possible. I imagine ‘retirement’ for me would have to be as full of volunteer work and other activities as possible. However, then for some reason I thought about a (completely sci-fi-type) scenario where I could choose to sleep 16 hours a day instead of 7-8, and basically spend all that extra time dreaming instead of working, and now awesome that would be (I generally have crazy dreams and love when I can remember them).

I mentioned this to my husband, who said he’d rather never sleep again and have 24 hours a day to do whatever he wanted. We envisioned a world where people could ‘barter’ sleeping hours (I’d take his, so that I could sleep 16 hours a day and he could go without). As long as I could be guaranteed the ability to dream during this time, and especially if I could control my dreams, I’d love this possibility.

So- if such a possibility existed (where you could choose to sleep and dream twice as much or go without altogether), which would you choose?

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