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An inevitable buzzfeed quiz: What is your Animagus Form

Which animal would you warp into? Take this quiz. We all enjoyed the early 80s action drama, "Manimal" and so if we were Womanimals, what would we want to be? If I had a choice, I'd become a very large tiger with huge teeth but maybe buzzfeed has different ideas.


The results are questionable. I am not calm. But I like Owls. It's also based on Harry Potter, which is fine but I wish it were based on Manimal.

You are wise, fun, and known for your quick wit. You are known to be calm and insightful. You can find fun in anything from thinking up schemes to discussing philosophy. People can sometimes take advantage of you because you can be quiet in large groups. However, you never hesitate to use your razor-sharp tongue to make your thoughts known.

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