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An interesting comment on the source of the "furry" fetish

[NSFW text I guess?] I love reading about how people’s kinks, fetishes and turn-ons are formed and I get really sick of the usual response of “I just like what I like.” I think that’s why I found this person’s explanation of where “furry” fetishes crome from (for some people at least) so interesting.

I don’t have this particular fetish myself but when I’ve really thought about where my own come from I’m pretty damn sure they have a similar factors behind them. Some combination of early experiences combined with my own psychology seems to be the key, so this person’s explanation rings true to me.


It’s not exactly a flattering picture of furries he paints so perhaps some people will disagree with what he’s saying, but then some of my own fetishes don’t come from a healthy place either. I think we can talk about a turn-on having roots in something unhealthy while also acknowledging that there’s no harm in acting it out consensually. At least I hope there’s not.

On a lighter note I find it quite funny that foxes are apparently so incredibly popular in furrydom while half of the internet seems to have grown up crushing on disney’s Robin Hood. Can we assume a connection? I think we can!

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