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An interesting development in Mr. I's situation

So we're in a bit of a good news, bad news situation here at Casa Ivriniel.

Good news: Mr. I was contacted out of the blue by a another company, who have offered him a job. He would be doing the same thing he is doing now, only there would be more travel involved because they are a much bigger company. Don't know how they know that he might be receptive to being headhunted right now, though we suspect that a family friend/former coworker of Mr. I's might have tipped them off.

Bad News: Mr. I has yet to retain a lawyer. He has contacted a number of firms, but only one has gotten back to him. On the upside, they are a huge firm with major clients like Teachers Unions. On the downside, they are located an hour away from the city where Mr. I works, so if they had to come to meeting we would be paying for travel time.


If I had my way, Mr. I would email them and say he has yet to secure legal counsel, and therefore he will not be attending the meeting. He however, wants to go. In that case, I think he should hear the allegations, ask for them in writing, and not respond until he has the opportunity to go over them with a lawyer. I also want someone to go with him. We're having trouble figuring out who that should be, though. His Dad has said he will go, but I think he's a bad idea because I doubt he could hold his temper. I am really pissed with these people, as well.

We're trying to find someone who is close enough to be someone he is comfortable to ask, and yet someone who will be level headed enough in this situation to act as witness and a possible deflector (someone who can call for a caucus if they see Mr. I getting upset for example). The only people we can come up with right now, are too far away.

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