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An Interesting Reddit Thread Came Up...

Basically, the premise was this:

What are the benefits of not being considered attractive?

Well in my case, I can think of 10 benefits:

1. People will judge me on my skills, not my looks.

2. It fine-tuned my bullshit meter.

3. When someone expresses any kind of interest in me, I know it's genuine.

4. More money, a longer phone battery life, and less expectations.

5. People tend to be their real selves around me.

6. I become pretty self-aware.

7. Always surprising people never fails to be satisfying.

8. Nothing to lose.

9. It’s made me more empathetic to the struggles that attractive people go through.


10. Looking at myself, it’s as good as it’s gonna get, so why put in the extra effort to make myself as pretty as society wants me to be?

What about you? Have you noticed any secret upsides to this? What's it like on the other side, being attractive?

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