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An Ode to being British

You my dear dear friends know I am a true Brit. I am confused by all other cultures, I cannot fathom the idea of not being British.

The idea of a singular nature to a country is obviously silly but there are social conditions that are just undeniably true of different countries. Brits believe in what it means to be British, stiff upper lip, inability to be too friendly or too rude and of course a deep love of tea.

These two buzzfeed articles had so much truth to them:



I love being British, I love being from a country that has a social safety net, we have a National Health Service that will honestly make me cry if I think about it too much and we have a benefits system which should stop anyone dying because they cannot feed, house or care for themselves. I love that we like an underdog, I love that we have a "keep calm and carry on attitude" as much as that fucking sign is everywhere now.


Please talk to me about your love for your country/city/community.

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