Seeing Michael Strahan on the main page—who, as anyone with a scrap of sense realizes, is the most adorable individual on the planet—reminded me of my deep and enduring love of gap-tooth smiles. I am so happy that this seems to be more widely accepted in the media nowadays, so I thought we should celebrate.

My mother's family comes from France, where having a gap between your front teeth is considered lucky. The French call it dents de la chance or dents du bonheur. (My grandmother, mother, sister, and I all have a front tooth gap, so we are not exactly impartial.)

In honor of the gapped of tooth, here are some famous smiles!

1. The aforementioned Michael Strahan


Apparently, Strahan felt pressure from Hollywood/the media to close his gap, but ultimately decided against it. On the decision he said, "I'm not perfect. I don't want to try to be perfect." Best decision ever? I think so.

2. Madonna, circa mid and late 80s


Though the Queen's of Pop's gap has gotten narrower over the years, her original diastema was quite fetching, no?

3. Condoleezza Rice


I am not ashamed to admit either that her name has more z's than I was expecting OR that I think her Secretary of State era gap is phenomenal! (The interwebs seem to be of mixed opinion as to whether she has "corrected"* her teeth since then.)

*The Society Advocating Gap-tooth Admiration (SAGA) favors more neutral terms for the dental modification of diastema, such as "nullified" or "travested."


4. Anna Paquin


Sookie's charming smile more than compensates for her appalling Southern accent, in my humble opinion.

I know it's an old message, but in a time of perfectly bleached and straightened teeth, it's nice to admire people who buck the trend. Let's hear some gap-love! Who are your favorite gap-tooth smiles?