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An ode to Kim Cattrall

So those of you who know me in these parts know that I likes the sex and love the boys, so it should be no surprise that Samantha’s character on Sex and the City is my favorite. And with all the shit being slung towards Kim Cattrall, the lovely vixen that gave Samantha life, I felt the need to create a post showing her love.

First off, Cattrall has acting credits going back to 19motherfucking75. That’s before I was even born. I was first introduced to her via her role as Miss Honeywell in the raunchy classic Porky’s. And who could forget her in Police Academy, or my favorite, Big Trouble in Little China? She fucking killed it in Bonfire of the Vanities (I know I’m skipping Mannequin, but only because it was never a big hit for me personally). Cattrall is freaking awesome.

Now, I am not taking anything away from SJP’s long career, but we can all agree that Cattrall has had more memorable roles that SJP, especially for those of us that came of age in the 80's. So the notion that Cattrall was “made” by her role as Samantha is nuts. She was simply introduced to a younger crowd that didn’t know any better.


I once wrote an essay stating that Sex and the City was not the celebration of female independence that many had assumed, and was instead a cautionary tale against it. Carrie married a man that STOOD HER UP AT THE ALTAR! Maranda agreed to be mother to her son and husband. Charlotte, well not much to say about her since her relationship with Harry was the healthiest. But she “won” the marriage game by not being the “up the butt girl because no one wants to marry the up the butt girl.” And then we have Samantha, who should have been the happiest of them all. But by the second movie, they made her a laughing stock that basically said do not sleep around or you’ll end up touching yourself in public like a sex offender.

For a talented actress like Cattrall, I totally agree with her decision to let this one go. The first movie was tolerable, the second was trash. And I sincerely doubt she would have had the opportunity to become a fully rounded character in the third installment. So cudos to you and thank you for bowing out with dignity. And fuck all the haters that are mad they cannot make more money off of your humiliation.

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