My husband, bless him, is tolerant of but frustrated with my habit of acquiring books. And lately, comic books. We just moved across the country and let's just say we have enough books to open a medium-sized bookstore. And they are expensive to move, to say nothing of the space they take up in our now much tinier place.

These are not important academic tomes I need for my research (we have pleanty of those, too). Nor are they quality, first edition, or otherwise special. These are cheap, pulpy, YA novels. Like, lots of them. Lots and lots and lots. But I love them.

So he offered to buy me an iPad if I got rid of them. He promised I could re-acquire them all digitally if I felt the need to read them again (and I often re-read these books multiple times so it's not like I wouldn't miss them if I did get rid of them). I also could use the Marvel app and could easily buy my comics there and read them on the iPad.

But the thing is, I hate reading on a screen. I like holding a book. I like having the comics. Plus, my eyes ache when I read on a screen too much and I have trouble focusing on the text, which gets blurry after a while. I definitely need computer glasses (I use reading glasses but they don't help with screens). Kindle or some such reader that is not backlit would not be useful to me - the ability to use the Marvel app is important and I think you can only get a very limited number of graphic novels from Marvel on Kindle.


So, tell me, have any of you made this switch? Did you get used to reading on the iPad? Is it as relaxing and enjoyable as reading a book? I dislike having to, like, pinch the screen to make it bigger and losing the entire page in the screen because I like being able to scan the whole page at once. Switching to black background with white text seems to help a little, does anyone use this?

Should I take him up on this offer? I would really like to have an iPad but I'm not entirely convinced I'd enjoy reading on it, and reading these YA novels and comics is like my most precious and important method of self-soothing, relaxing, entertainment, etc.