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An Oldster Rant About Worst Publishing Decision Ever, Ever, Ever

Warning an oldster’s rant.

I was in a grocery store and saw this.


Every time I see the TV Guide I feel sad with nostalgia. This was the magazine that helped me learn to read. I loved as a child reading it from cover to cover. It had a firm cover and so easy to carry. I even remember when we subscribed it came on Thursday sometimes Friday.

Now we have a magazine that you really cannot cuddle with on a chair. Can’t really lean against you without it flapping. Can’t stick in the cushion next to the arm rest.

Thirty years ago it was in digest form. Change actually was 2005ish. They were also easy to collect for storage. The texture allowed it since it was like a book but thinner.

Memories from December 1986


Delta Burke from Designing Women. I know Golden Girls is fondly remembered but this was excellent too. Sadly not it seems on cable repeats.

This is how TV Guide should be. Digest format. Worst publishing decision ever. I feel bad for those not having this format as children. Wonderful educational tool for reading.


There is also an intimacy this new format lacks.

This has been an oldster’s complaint.

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