Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Dear Kinja Programmers,

To start, I really want to express my sincerest thanks with the quick action taken last week on several posts under attack by some fuckwit with no life, two or three handles and an impressive* treasury of graphic images. I know it’s a bit of whack-a-mole and works best if we, the commenters, are vigilant and use the flagging or emailing options to alert you. I really appreciated the action and response I received within minutes of sending an email (I’m sure it wasn’t the only one you got about him) confirming that s/he was banned.


That said, I’m not sure that our current flagging options really do Jezebel and its sub-blogs justice. As of now, the rationale we can check off on a flagged comment must fall under one of the following: harassment, hate speech or spam. And those are all fine and well, it’s just that...

I’m sure you’re aware it is an election year.

Is it possible to add specific options like:

- “this comment is too stupid to live”

- “no one cares about this guy’s boner”

- “sarcastic digs about Jezebel’s misandry belong on Gawker”

- “this post isn’t even about Hillary”

- “what the hell are they even talking about?!”

- “pretty sure this is Donald Trump himself”

These are just suggestions, of course. But with so many junk comments clogging up the threads, I figure specifics can only help you prioritize.


And if this goes nowhere, that’s okay. At least the main page isn’t full of graphic pictures. For now.



* Impressive in that his/her mom has no idea what their sweet little deadbeat does all day in the basement.

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