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An Open Letter to Dudes: I Don't Care If You Like My Hair

Dear Dudes Who Think I Give A Shit What They Think Of My Hair,

I don’t give a fuck if you like my hair. I really and truly don’t. I know that you think you’re giving me a compliment when you tell me that you like it, but you’re not. Because while it might feel like a compliment to you, unsolicited comments about my appearance feel intrusive and threatening. And honestly, you’re not the first guy to try that line on me today. I know that my hair is really bright and noticeable, but please stop using it as an opening to try to get my attention. It’s tired, bro. You’re not original.


She is my new best friend (even if she doesn't know it)

One of the only compliments by a male that I didn't mind: I was shopping for groceries wearing my favorite pair of pointy-toe spike-heel black suede boots. As I was looking at the cheese a little boy (around 9 or so) says "I like your boots". I told him "thank you" and then his mom hustled him off like I was a kidnapper or something.

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