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An Open Letter to My Co-worker

Dear Co-worker,

Please stop cornering my other coworker every morning to discuss his family member's health. Please stop telling him that he needs to look into "eastern medicine" as a solution for the family member's problems. Because from what is happening, this is a woman who has severe issues, who has worked with a psychiatrist for years to determine the right meds for her. You've never met her, and you have no idea what her deal is. While I'm really happy for you that after your divorce "eastern medicine" worked for you, where you're defining eastern medicine as "turning off the news and not watching it because it's too negative and you are surrounding yourself with positive things". Things don't work like that for everyone.

Not to mention, you don't know the personal story of the person you're talking to. I just overheard your 20 minute diatribe about anti-depression meds explaining how they'd work and how terrible they are and how no one should be on them, only to hear my super patient and kind co-worker just quietly sit through your talk and nod his head and say "I've been on them for several years".


Sigh. I think eastern medicine is great. But I also think that anti-depressants and the like are amazing too - they have literally saved lives. And comparing what worked for you personally during a rough time in your life to what you think could work for someone who has had life long biological issues IS NOT OKAY.


Goddamn it it's Monday morning, you jerk

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