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An Uber rant. (tw: goddamn harassment)

I’ve had to rely on Uber much more than normal because of my knee. This morning, I had a really gross interacting with a driver. When I got into the car, he commented on how pretty I was, even with my leg in a big brace. I unthinkingly said “thank you,” then took out my phone. After a little while, he started making fairly innocuous small talk, and we chatted for a little bit.

But then! He started asking me about my race. “Were you born in China?” No. California. “Are you mixed?” Nope. “Oh, you don’t look full Chinese, you’re so beautiful!” ... “I’ve been all over China, and I never saw anyone who looked like you.” By this point, I was obviously starting to get more and more uncomfortable, but this isn’t anything I haven’t heard before.


When I got out of the car, he said “If you weren’t my customer, I would hit on you.”

And I wish I could say I hit him, or snapped something acerbic and biting, but I didn’t. I gave him a kind of nervous “ha...ha...” reaction. I was standing in the middle of the street, I can barely hobble around, and he was holding my crutches. He tried to take my hand, but I grabbed the crutches instead and said “bye” then crutched away.


I just feel like...I encouraged him or something because I responded to him, because I didn’t tell him off or shut him down, because I didn’t hit him. I feel like I asked for it or something, even though I know I didn’t. But I’ve been so conditioned to be nice that I don’t have the ability to be mean when I need to be.

I want to report him. But I’m also scared because what if he has my phone number? He called me to tell me he’d arrived. He picked me up at my house, and I - because of my job - sometimes have really odd hours.


(The more I think about this, the angrier I become, and the less I want to go out or interact with people. Also, stupidly, the more I want to cry. I’m tired, and my leg hurts, and I’m so fucking busy but my brain doesn’t work right on these pain meds, and all I want to do is go home and sleep but I can’t and I hate that my mood can be so affected by one dickweed and five minutes’ worth of interaction.)

ETA: I reported him. Still waiting for a response from Uber, but I felt better as soon as I hit “send.”

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