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An Unlikely Hypothetical

So I’m reading a series that involves vampires and werewolves and mages and romance, because I have really good taste. Pretty early on in the first book, the main character, a mage, gets attacked, and is bleeding to death. He met this werewolf 6 days earlier and they’re attracted to each other, but haven’t acted on it. The werewolf can save the mage’s life, but only by making the mage his mate. At which point, that’s it. They’re mated for life. There’s no divorce for mates. He says yes, they mate, everythings fine, they love each other, yay! All this is to be expected, it’s a romance novel, after all.

But would you say yes? If it would save your life, would you agree to spend the rest of it with a guy you barely know? On the one hand, most people will go pretty far to save their own lives. And saying no is basically saying “I’d rather die than be with you”. But what if they guy is so terrible you’d rather be dead after all?

What would you do?

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