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An Update from the Frozen North

We've been over 48 hours without power, now. The house has been holding steady at 12 degrees C since this morning, but will probably drop some more tonight, as the temp goes down to - 11 C.

Our water heater runs on natural gas, so we have taken to filling the bathtub up with straight warm water so it can radiate some heat. It's gotten the bathroom as warm as 6 degrees above the rest of the house. We are contemplating sleeping in there tonight. We also figure that having the water heater working to reheat the tank will generate some heat in the basement and might help prevent the pipes from freezing.

The town has opened an evacuation centre at the Community Centre, which has power, but for now we'd rather stay home and monitor things. Areas around us have power and we are hoping ours will come back up soon. Our utility has been really good at updating the Facebook page and sending out tweets as the situation evolves. We're sitting in the local pub, and we were able to tell our waitress when her power came back on.


Some friends who live in the next town over who have power had us over for a few hours this afternoon. If the power isn't back by tomorrow, we'll be packing up the cat and going to my FiL's place. He's the only relative we have who has the space, who can also take in a cat.

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