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An Update on my BFF

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I wrote about here.​


Someone gave her plane tickets yesterday. I'm not sure who or how, I haven't gotten the chance to do more than pass FB messages with her. Thank you if you helped with her fundraising. That money will go to helping pay for other expenses while they are down.

And it looks like she will still be in state on the night I'm going to see The Dead Milkmen, so she will probably ride the bus to get to my city with the new baby, my husband will watch the mite, and Me, Her, and my daughter will go rock out to the DEAD MILKMEN!

Though we did not know each other in our high school days, The Dead Milkmen were played a lot by both of us. We met because she knew my boyfriend at the time. We moved in with each other my sophmore year in college because, at least I spoke English and I didn't think she would have a snoring boyfriend camp in my room or take my jewelry. We were both pleasantly surprised to find that we had a lot more in common than either of us imagined.

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