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An update on my crazy aunt's second wedding

I posted earlier about my crazy aunt's second wedding and wanted to post an update, with more craziness!

The new craziness surrounds the rehearsal dinner. Originally, we were all planning on arriving Saturday morning. My mom mentioned this to my aunt, who immediately got all offended we weren't coming to the rehearsal dinner which she had told no one about (I know it is normal to have a rehearsal dinner the night before, but this was back when we didn't know anything about the wedding other than the date). Luckily this was before we bought our plane tickets, so now we are going on Friday. We eventually got e-invites for the dinner. I didn't really pay much attention to it, but while talking to my mom last week, she told me that it is THIRTY MILES away from where we are staying/where the wedding is being held, which is incredibly inconvenient for all of us coming in from out of town. On top of that, my mother claims that it is a potluck. I have nothing against potlucks, but when over half the attendees are coming from out of town, that is a weird choice. It doesn't say anything about a potluck on the invite, but my mom said she remembers my aunt mentioning it at some point, so who even knows.


To solve the transportation issue, my other aunt and uncle decided to rent a limo to take to all of us to the party with the added bonus that we can all drink on the way there. I don't know, this sounds weird and kind of tacky to me. I really just want to not go to the rehearsal dinner, but my whole family is all "NO, YOU HAVE TO COME WITH US!!!" so any attempts at getting out of it will probably be unsuccessful.

And finally, MY HUSBAND IS NO LONGER COMING. It turns out his best friend, who is getting married two weeks later, is having his bachelor party on the same night as the wedding. It is definitely fine with me that he goes to that instead, I'm just sad I'll be without a partner in crime for the entire weekend.

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