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An update: We're still looking (TW: medical)

So, to follow up on last night's post in which I was freaked out and worried about my doctor's appointment this afternoon:

We're still not entirely sure what's wrong, and we need to keep looking, but for now it's safe to say I almost definitely don't have cancer. So, yay for that! The only problem is, we're not quite sure what's going on inside my body. It seems it's not my ladybits (stupid uterus and ovaries anyway). I don't really understand everything, but I am already being processed for another scan—an MIBG scan. Apparently I will get to glow in the dark for a bit, but sadly will not emerge with any superpowers. I'm sad about that.

So I am terrible at medical stuff, even though I took notes. I just have an awful time really parsing what's being said. So for that, I'm sorry.


What's been found is a soft tissue spot beneath my sternum, near my heart. This could have something to do with a lymph node, but the doctor has assured me that all my other lymph nodes appear quite clear. It could be some sort of remnant of a gland that should have disappeared from my body as I grew up—something that would have grown as I was a baby but most people get rid of as they age. It could be a ganglion.

So he told me this stuff, said that if he even had an inkling that it was cancer we would have been working when he got the results, and I got scolded for not doing the two 24-hour urine collections he wanted me to do, which—rightly so! HOWEVER, it's almost better that I didn't, because believe it or not I would have had to repeat them because I would have done them too close together because the nurse who handed me my stuff said I could do them consecutively, but he wanted them done at least a week apart each. So.

Anyway, so yes. They got me in asap to expedite the request for the new scan, so I'm just going to be waiting on the phone call for that, and then I'm going to be collecting my pee. Whee.

Thank you everyone for all your support. You guys are so awesome. I didn't make you any special art this time, but you can have some of my photography:


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