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An upsetting experience

I’m not mad, but just sad and frustrated, by this:

I was walking the dog on my Mom’s street just now, and a young man starts walking up to the houses, clearly selling something. I said these exact words: “Pardon me, I’m sorry, we don’t accept solicitors on this street.” And he says “that’s fine, just be racist, you see a black man and you gotta be racist.” He walked off and left, talking all the way about how racist I am. We have asked every type of solicitor to leave that street— mosquito sprayers, house painters, vacuum salesmen, religious evangelists, etc. And knowing the neighbors, I am pretty sure that my spoken sentence was gentler than many of theirs would have been. But he couldn’t know that context.

I’m not mad at him; I can see why he thinks that was my motivation, especially in today’s climate. It’s just upsetting that this is where he is, and where we are. I guess next time I will shut up and not interrupt the process.


But damn if it doesn’t feel like we are all in a lose-lose situation all the time.

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